MTC email

You did it, Mom. You made it to your first P Day! I’m so proud of you! You are one amazing woman. Among your greatest accomplishments was giving birth to the greatest older sister I could ever ask for 23 years ago today. Happy Birthday, Hannie! I am so blessed to have you as an example in all things. I’m doing my best to carry on the “Sister Denney” name. I hope to become half of the missionary you were & continue to be today. I’m praying you feel of my love from just a couple miles away 🙂 Tell me all about your birthday! I hope you listen to some Justin Bieber:) & good luck with finals!

Where to begin? My heart is so full of thanks for all the blessings I have received while here at the MTC. Missionary work is hard stuff. And very humbling. Very Very humbling. I cannot do this work without Him. But before I go into that I’ll give you the logistics.

I am in a district of 7 missionaries! 4 going to Colorado & 3 are headed to Australia. Unfortunately I am the only one going to Sydney. But that is okay, I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made thus far! I told you a little bit about Sister Snow, but I just love her! We are practically the same person. For example she was telling me about her 2 best friends & I asked her what their names were. She goes, “Hannah & Mauri” What! We like to talk about our Hannah & Mauris:) Speaking of. I received 2 packages from my Mauri! She is an angel. My district loved the kangaroo cookies she sent:) Safe to say I am blessed with the best. Thank you SO much for the package Mom! I cried. I cannot thank you enough. I miss all my books so I was so thankful to get a photo copy of my favorite chapters:) I promise I will be getting hand written letters out to everyone today! P day is the only day I have time. Han, I sang the “P Day Eve” song last night as I got ready for bed:) Just for you!

The Australian Elders & Sisters are the absolute best. I love them so much! They always say, “Sista Denney, you are in for a real treat!” Also I leave for AUSTRALIA ON MONDAY! My flight leaves at 12:50 pm so hopefully I can call around 11? Just let me know what works best for you. I fly from SLC to SFO to New Zealand to Australia. There is one other Elder flying with me but I’ve yet to find him. I’m glad I get to fly to San Francisco because it will feel a little bit like home:) I’ll be thinking of all my fun summer adventures with Jacob while I’m there.

The MTC is unlike any other place in the world. The spirit is so thick here! I don’t know how to explain it. As I was sitting in sacrament listening to these 18, 19 & 20 year old kids bear witness of Jesus Christ I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” I am not the same girl you dropped off at the MTC just one week ago. My conversion is just beginning & I have only just begun seeing how aware God is of His children.

Essentially I came on this mission because I love my Savior, Jesus Christ & I wanted to do what Heavenly Father asked of me. But it hit me on Sunday how my main focus was still on myself. I wanted to go on a mission to see what I could get out of it. I wanted to go on a mission so that my family & my future children would be blessed from my 18 month service. I wanted to see miracles & have a deeper conviction of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wanted to be able to say I’m a return missionary. I wanted to do this more for myself than anyone else. That has all changed. I am here on a mission to forget about myself. I am here to never once ask myself, “What do I need?” “What do I want?” “What will make me happy?” This isn’t about me & how blessed I am to know that. I am here to invite others to not just know who Jesus Christ is but to know what He did. He established His church on this Earth. He suffered & died so that we could gain eternal life. Never at any time in the Saviors life did he ask, “What can I get from this?” I listened to “The Character of Christ” before my mission but as I sat there surrounded by a thousand other missionaries it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am so beyond happy to give him everything that I have.

 Well that’s all i’ve got! I’m happy & working hard. Sorry if I didn’t answer some questions, I did the best i could! I love you all! I’ll try to add some pictures!
Your letter was right, Mom. “I’m off to serve the Lord, so lets  be cheerful!”Have a beautiful week. I fasted for you all on Sunday:)All my
Sister Denney
MTC #2
MTC photo #1

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