Christmas in Coffs Harbour

Dancing in the rain


Hi my family!!

It was SO SO SO wonderful to see your beautiful faces on Saturday! Oh man I am so glad I got to talk to you all! Sorry I couldn’t hear you Dad, but I hope I answered all of your questions:)

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. That makes me so happy! I prayed all day you would have a good Christmas:) That is so cool about Uncle Jon! Ah I’m so happy for ya, Mom. You work so hard & bless so many lives. I love you, Mummy!

Yous would be very happy to hear that I taught my first lesson after I talked to you. I DID MISSIONARY WORK! WOOHOO! (We really do missionary stuff all day every day, I promise) We taught The Restoration to Alex. My new favorite person on this entire earth:) He is a sweet heart! I felt so much love for this man as we testified of Jesus Christ. He lives in a caravan (trailer as we call them) & we taught Him from right outside his caravan for 30 minutes. The bad news is Alex is packing up the caravan & moving. But He is so prepared & I know some other soul will have the great blessing of bringing Alex unto Christ. A lucky soul they are indeed:)

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day were really wonderful! Sister Shelley & I partied all night Christmas Eve. We read Luke 2, (just for you, mom) & sang carols until 11:00 pm! We felt like such rebels staying up past our bedtime. I even talked Sister Shell into singing “All I Want For Christmas” with me. Good times. Christmas Day we were SO blessed. It started with breakfast on the beach with some ward members, then we went to a killer brunch, followed by a fantastic lunch at The Owens. (Sister Owens added you on facebook, Han) The Owens aka the Australian Whittiers. I love them! President Owens is so kind & his wife is a doll. They were my biggest tender mercy this Christmas. We also went there for dinner & spent the evening with their family. Sister Owens reminds me so much of Aunt Steph because she is always serving & being generous to everyone. A real gem.

I read a talk by Boyd K Packer that I highly highly highly suggest reading. It’s “A Selfless Sacrifice” Some times the desire to go out & knock doors is lacking just a little. Some times planning at night is the last thing I want to do & I didn’t always get excited at the thought of 3 hours of church. (haha sorry, mom) But I think of Christ & what he has done for me & I cannot wait to serve Him! I love planning for the next day & all 3 hours of church fill my heart with joy. I even got to speak in sacrament on Sunday & teach Relief Society with Sister Shelley!

It hit me this week how important it is to focus on the why’s of the gospel. When I focus on the how’s I can see it weaken my faith. I don’t know exactly how Jesus Christ was able to atone for the sins of all mankind, but I do know why He did it. He did it because He loves His Father in Heaven & He loves you & and me. That is all I need to know. That is what I am here to share in Coffs Harbour.

I am so happy to be here. I am learning what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. Something that I am going to carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for all of the support! I couldn’t be here without you. You are all my heroes.

Also I hit my 1 month mark on Saturday. How crazy is that?

Have a fantastic week! I love you all heaps!
Your Sister Denney:)

Chrismas day on the beach 2
Christmas day on the beach!

selfie christmas day

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