Week 7


It was so good to hear from you all! Thank you for your emails, they mean so much to me. Some exciting news is I am staying in Coffs Harbour for transfer #2! Ah I am so happy to be staying here with Sister Shelley. We are so excited to work harder than before.

This week we had some awesome moments. Evelyn, who I mentioned last week, came with us to visit some less active members. We had 5 amazing lessons where the spirit was so strong. It is such a blessing to feel Heavenly Father’s individual love for His children. I feel so blessed to be here. Having Evelyn come with us was such a blessing because her testimony touches every person that hears it. She turns 19 next year & is going to be the most incredible missionary ever. I’m so excited for her! Also we had the craziest storm this past week! The wind was insane & I’ve never seen so much rain before. I was in Heaven:)

I want to tell you a little bit about 2 amazing & beautiful women from Vanautu. Dolcy & Liatap came to Australia to work in the blueberry fields & earn money for their families. They work so hard. The District President has been bringing them to church for the past few weeks & yesterday Sister Shelley & I had the most amazing lesson with them. I have come to love these women & I have seen what Heavenly Father sees in them. Because I love them I want to help them more than anything. What I would give for them to be with their families now & not have to be so far from their children! Obviously I don’t have the means to get them back home but it hit me what I can give them. It is what I have been sent here to share with them. I can offer them the knowledge of eternal families. Because of Jesus Christ we don’t have to suffer the pain of missing those we love. Whether that is because they are on the other side of the world or because they have already passed on, Jesus Christ gives us hope for what can be. What can be ours. Out of all the gifts God could offer us I am truly humbled and thankful for this one; He offered His only begotten Son & because He did we can be together forever.

I know God loves His children. I see people question His love because life can be hard & it is definitely not fair, but when we see through His eyes we can be happy & rest in the peace He gives. We can look forward to the day where we can “live in a state of never ending happiness”

Even though I can’t give Dolcy & Liatap a plan ticket home I am humbled, grateful, and honoured I can offer them the knowledge of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the gift God is pleading for all of His children to have. I am so excited that Dolcy and Liatap will get to go home & visit their families soon but what I really want is for them to be with their loved ones forever. We ended our lesson with them by singing “Families Can Be Together Forever.”

I saw each of your faces as we were singing & I felt you there with me. I miss all of you more than you can imagine. But I have come to understand a different kind of homesickness since being on my mission. One I didn’t fully understand before. That is a divine homesickness. I miss my Father in Heaven. I miss my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I want to return to them more than anything. It is a longing for home that I never grow tired of. I hope you can feel Heavenly Father’s love for you this upcoming week. I know it is always there.

I love you ! Have a beautiful week.

Your Sister Denney:)

“I have thought many a time that if I labored until I was as old as Methuselah and by that means could have my family dwell with me in glory in the eternal worlds, it would pay me for all the pain and suffering I could endure in this world.” – Wilford Woodruff

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