Week 12

Hi my Family!!

Wow there is so much to tell you about this past week! I feel so blessed to have seen & felt of Gods love. Those moments where I can feel that He is aware of everything & cares is what keeps me going. I experienced heaps of tender mercies & miracles that I will never forget.
Really quick I have to thank my amazing mother for the packages. Mum, I am the most spoiled missionary ever. Thank you so so much! I bawled like a little baby & was so happy to get mail from you. And I got Cectpa Pollards Christmas package! Let me tell you I have the greatest best friend ever.
My favorite miracle this past week happened on Tuesday. We had to ride bikes so we didn’t go over our kilometer limit (which I was not the most excited about) but riding our bikes turned out to be the greatest blessing because it brought us Seddigheh. Seddigheh is the most beautiful, kind, loving, and caring person I think that I have ever met. But I should probably give a little more background before I continue. Last Sunday my companion and I decided to start an English class that would start on Thursday. I truly did not believe that a single person was going to show up. Nonetheless we carried on with our plans to start the English class that week. Tuesday we spent inviting anyone & everyone we could find to come to our class. At the end of the day on our way back to our flat we stopped and met a woman from Afghanistan. We found the reason Heavenly Father inspired us to start an English class in the first place. As we stopped and talked to her I couldn’t help but feel I knew her from somewhere. Seeing that I have never been to Afghanistan and had never seen her in Coffs Harbour before I knew that wasn’t possible. But I knew her before. We invited her to come to our English class and she said she has been wanting to improve her English so she can become a pharmacist. Heavenly Father puts people in our path! I have no doubt about it. Thursday came around and Seddigheh came to our English class with her sister. We are unsure how much of the gospel legally we will be able to teach them due to the dangers that could happen if they ever had to go back to their country, but we are praying our hearts out that we will eventually be able to share the gospel with them. What I do know is that one day they will hear the gospel from someone and that is a day I will cry with happiness.
The Lord is teaching me so many lessons & every night as I end my day praying to my Father in Heaven I can’t help but be overwhelmed with how good He truly is. He loves His children & wants them to return to Him. I know that He is a good of endless love & it is a privilege to share His love with those He sends us to.
I hope you have a fantastic week! I love you so much & am thankful to have the most amazing role models in my life. I am praying for yous.
Your Sister Denney:)

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