Week 15

Hello Family!!

I am so glad it is starting to get warm in Utah! I am still waiting for it to get cold here in Australia:) Mum, I have a quick story to share with you. I think you will enjoy it because it proves you were right;) Last night my comp and I were having a very deep conversation about Phantom of the Opera. It was a great talk filled with heaps of gospel applications. Of course we got on the topic of who Christine should pick… Raul or The Phantom? Sister Lewis really likes the Phantom. She said, “He is so romantic! He took her on a boat ride & a horse carriage.” Then I pointed out that he was kidnapping her in both instances. Anyways after I told my dear comp all the reasons she shouldn’t pick the Phantom I said, “oh no. I am turning into my mom.” haha I totally had a flashback to all the lectures you gave Han & I when we wanted her to forget Raul and go for the Phantom. I thought it would make you happy that I think you are right after all:) & I am remembering all the lessons you have taught me:)

Okay, now onto the good stuff! This was a fantastic week. I got to experience all sorts of new things. I went to a different church & was given a Quran all in one weekend. Those were some firsts for me.

On Friday we went to Heartbeat church with a potential investigator, Hope. I love Hope. She has such a special place in my heart. Sister Shelley & I had taught her Restoration right before she got transferred & then our follow up lesson fell through so it was good to see her again. (even if it was at another church) It was African worship night & I was touched by the faith of these beautiful people. One of the girls translated their songs for me. The one I remember said this line, “we can walk because He is with us.” For some of these people God is all they had but they knew that was enough. As we left I thought of the Saints. I am sure they too would say, “we can walk because He is with us.”

Saturday we had the sweetest visit with our friends from Afghanistan. We went over to invite them to our branch Easter program next Sunday night and of course they invited us in & fed us heaps of food. (They are the nicest people I have ever met) & after talking Zahed turned to me & said,

“Sister? What is a Easter?”

I probably should have thought about that beforehand but it never dawned on me that they wouldn’t know what Easter was because they don’t believe that Jesus Christ died. He was so sincere & my heart filled with so much love for him. I wanted to tell him everything about Jesus Christ! How He came to this earth & was born in a little stable. How He came because He loves him, Zahed. How He saved all of us from our sins & suffered in Gethsemane. How He broke the bands of death. I kept it simpler than that but I could feel the spirit testifying that Jesus is the Christ. & He means everything to me.

So family, I will leave you with the same question Zahed asked me…

What is Easter?

I love you more than words can explain.
Love always,
Your Sister Denney:)

“He pushes up the board they’ve tied onto his shoulders
He bears, with dignity, disgrace
He hears the jeering and the wind is getting colder
Tastes the blood upon his face
His body bruised and back still open from the scourges
The consequence of wicked men
He knows no man on earth has ever deserved this
But still he bears it all for them
And He keeps moving up the hill to do his fathers will”

Week 15 pic 2

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