Week 17

Dear Family,

Yes, Mom. Elder Hollands was the best!!! I cannot wait to see the rest of conference & hear the words which God has sent to us. I have been counting down to general conference for quite some time now & only one more week to go:)

It has been an amazing week! I am full of gratitude for the experiences the Lord has given me & the people He has put into my path. The time is coming for Leitap and Dolcy to go home to Vanuatu & it will be sad to see them go. On Friday we had the best lesson I have had on my mission with them. We invited them to be baptized & you could see in their eyes that they do want to follow Jesus Christ & they know this is His church on the earth today. They both said yes! Which is wonderful, but neither of them will set a date to be baptized. For the first time Leitap brought something to light that we didn’t quite understand before.

She said, “husbands are above in our culture. it is not like white people. we have to do what he says”

Of course, I don’t know their husbands and what kind of men they are, but we are praying that the hearts of their husbands will be softened. These are amazing women that I have gotten to know & I have full faith the Lord will take care of them. He will provide a way for them to receive His gospel & lead them to eternal life. In his time. I have felt the love that our Saviour has for these women. Being His representative is the greatest feeling, that words cannot describe.

Another miracle was finding Julie. Julie is from Burma & we met her through a less active in the branch. This woman is pure gold! She asked us to teach her (that doesn’t happen every day) & explain to her what The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is. After our lesson she invited us to a Burmese house warming party where they treated us like royalty. The kindness of these people is so humbling. I cannot imagine a more charitable group of people. Most importantly I cannot imagine a more grateful group of people. They are thankful for absolutely everything they have & give so freely. I wish you could all meet these amazing people.

As I have mentioned before, we get a lot of refugees in Coffs Harbour. So, of course the talks we have heard about loving, helping, and serving refugees really hit home. If I had never come on my mission and met these people first hand I am sure I would have not paid much attention to the words that were said. In my mind those talks probably wouldn’t have applied to me because I didn’t know of any refugees in American Fork, Utah. How wrong I would have been though. I doubt there are as many refugees where we live, but I would bet my life there are plenty of people who need help. It is not refugees they are asking us to help, it is Gods children. When we see them as such, everything changes.

I have become really close to Seddigheh & her family. Whenever I see something related to Afghanistan I will think of this beautiful woman who has changed my life forever. I will see her face in every news headline concerning Muslims or Afghanistan from now on & it won’t be such a nonchalant thing when I do. I have realized that at this moment in time, God may not have sent me to teach Seddigheh His gospel, but to help her in small and simple ways. Tuesday, we worked on her grammar together. Thursday, I edited her report for school & Saturday we had a mini typing lesson. These are such small ways in which we are able to help her, but let me tell you, they mean the world to her. She is my hero & every day I strive to be a little kinder, like Seddigheh. A little happier, like Seddigheh. A little more selfless, like Seddigheh. A little more christ-like, like Seddigheh. She may not know who she is emulating yet, but one day she will.

I pray you can remember the spirit you felt as you watched conference. Let it change you. I love you so much, & yous mean the world to me:)

Love always,
Sister Denney the second

(still trying to live up to the name, Hannie)

“We obtain a remission of our sins by pleading to God, who compassionately responds, but we retain a remission of our sins by compassionately responding to the poor who plead to us. Those who find relief at your hand will call your name blessed forever.” -Jeffrey R Holland

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