Week 18

Hey Fam!

I hope you are all doing good today:) Thanks so much for the emails! They mean so much to me. I know I’m a little late to the party, but how good was conference!? I never wanted this weekend to end. I got a little teary eyed when Sister Oscarson mentioned the Carnassecca’s. Their family is such an amazing example! Cool to hear a little AF shout out in conference:)

I have been dying to tell you a story about how miracles have not ceased today. God is so good! This is the story of Ruth:)

A few years ago when elders were serving in Coffs Harbour they were teaching a family. While they were teaching this family the parents went through a divorce and the mum and her children no longer took the missionary discussions. The father moved and I am not sure where he ended up. Fast forward 2 years and my sweet trainer, Sister Shelley & her trainer, Sister Panmongkol, were going through the area book and stumbled upon this families previous teaching record. They decided to go to their home and meet them, but they had moved and the new owners didn’t have their new address. A couple days later Sister Shelley & Sister Panmongkol didn’t have a car so they had to walk back to the flat after church one Sunday. It started to downpour so they went under the awning of a house to wait for the rain to stop. A woman came out and asked if they wanted to wait inside her home until the rain stopped. After a few minutes it clicked to the Sisters that the persons home they were in was Ruth. The woman they had looked for just a few days before. Fast forward even more and Sister Lewis and I are teaching Ruth and her children again. The Lords hand is in His work.

I am so thankful that I get to witness first hand the tender mercies God has over all His children. He loves us and that love never changes. At times He just has a different plan for us than we intended. Some times that plan includes not having a car, walking in the rain, & waiting for it to stop. How thankful I am that it rained on that Sunday. It brought us back to Ruth:)

On trade offs with my grandma (Sister Panmongkol) we had the greatest lesson with Julie! Her mum passed away a few years ago and Julie has been searching for peace. How blessed we are to know where we are going after this life. To not have to live every day in wonder what lies ahead, and if we will be able to overcome the challenges placed before us.

We can overcome all. Jesus Christ has provided the way and He will not fail us. I can never deny that God is at the helm. His blessings are sure and at times the only thing that can give us the strength to keep going. I love the people here & want nothing more than for them to have all the blessings God desires them. As badly as I want them to receive His gospel I can only imagine how much it means to Him. They are His children after all.

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for all you do and know that I am praying for you every single day. I’ve got the greatest best friends! Love you to the moon & back 🙂

all my love,
sister denney

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