Week 24

Dear Family,

What a week! I don’t know where to begin! I wish you could have been there to hear my Les Mis performance outside of Russells house but don’t you worry we filmed it! I’m going to send it to ya, Mom. You would have been proud. I’ll also send you my talk I gave in sacrament yesterday! It was hard not having you there to mouth the words to me, but I made it through alright. This talk only took me two hours to write instead of two months:) I am making progress!

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a trade off with Sister Froemming this past week. What a gem! I adore her. We were able to have a lesson with one of our investigators, Alex. He is the sweetest man. I have mentioned him before but it has been a little while so just in case I’ll refresh your memory. Sister Shelley & Sister Panmongkol were going to the branch christmas barbeque when they saw Alex sitting in his caravan. They invited him to the party but he said no. Then they invited him to church and that Sunday he came:) When Sister Shelley & I got back to Coffs he was moving to Brisbane for a little while so we didn’t have too much hope for continuing to teach him. Fast forward to the beginning of May… Sister Lewis & I were driving home from contacting when we saw Alex in his caravan! I had only met him once or twice before but we pulled over and started talking to him & set a return appointment. Sister Froemming and I taught him on Wednesday & on Friday Sister Lewis & I saw him again to find him reading The Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet for the fourth time since we gave it to him. He loved it! We talked about becoming new and finding a better life through Jesus Christ. Alex committed to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized on June 11th. Oh my heart could have burst! The Lord has prepared him for this time & I have been able to catch a glimpse of the love He has for Alex. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

The beginning of the week started off on a sad note when 3 of our investigators cancelled our appointments but Heavenly Father was so good to us and never left us alone. I have had very sacred moments when I can feel his angels round about me. We were led to 2 new investigators this week, Todd & Sam. I am so excited to continue teaching them!
This was a quick update but know that I love you so very much! Thank you for all of your prayers and support. You have blessed my life in countless ways & I could never express exactly what you mean to me. Each of you have talents & gifts from the Lord that no one else could offer. You are needed in building the Lords Kingdom here on the Earth. This is my favourite quote from my inspiration Pat Holland,

“I have learned…that the very delays and denials we worry about most, the very differences from each other that trouble our self-esteem, are the differences and delays that are the very best for our happiness and fulfillment.

I’ve often wondered of the struggles that may have plagued the mind of Moses when the Lord asked him to leave his royal privileges and position in order to serve him in abject poverty and meagerness. Contrast his mission with the Lord’s design for Joseph to stay in Egypt, to use his power and prestige for righteous purposes. Apparently Jeremiah was never given the blessings of marriage or children although Jacob had the comfort and companionship of four righteous women and many children. Joshua seems to have been an incredibly confident, charismatic, take-charge kind of leader, but Moses was often reluctant and tentative and sometimes had to ask the Lord twice for directions. Each had a crucial—but very different—role to play.
Furthermore, age seems to make little difference in the diversity of this tapestry. David was a Mere child when he deftly dispatched Goliath, but Abraham was more than one hundred years old when he gave us the supreme Mortal example of faith and obedience. Esther had the wealth and attention of kings, giving her the opportunity to help save a nation, whereas Ruth was a poor, unaccepted Moabite—but one whose royal blood, ironically, carried the lineage of the Son of God himself. The Lord uses us because of our unique personalities and differences rather than in spite of them. He needs all of us, with all our blemishes and weaknesses and limitations.”

Just as Moses, Joseph, Jeremiah, Jacob, Joshua, David, Abraham, Esther, and Ruth played an important role, I know that you do too. Though our circumstances are different our purpose is the same. To return to our Father in Heaven & bring back His children along the way.

Have a beautiful week:)

Your Rachie Roo Roo

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