Week 29


How are yous doing?? Thanks so much for the emails! I arrived in my new area about 20 minutes ago. I’M IN SYDNEY! This is crazy. I have only seen a bit of the city so far but it is as beautiful as I imagined… and busy. so so busy. This will take some adjusting but I’m super excited! Life is wonderful.

An hour ago I said goodbye to my best friend. Sister Lewis will arrive home on my 7 month mark. How exciting is that?! I’m sure it won’t take her too long to stop by and say hello. For the next 2 weeks I will be in a trio with Sister Oeti & Sister Liutei. Sister Oeti is going home in 2 weeks and Sister Liutei is here visa waiting until the end of the transfer. Then she will be off to San Francisco! So far Sydney reminds me a lot of San Francisco. Once Jacob gets back from France he has the best city in the world to look forward to;) Maybe I’ll get to show him around, eh?

Sorry I had to make this quick but I hope you know how much I love you! I really appreciate all of the prayers. They mean so much to me & I promise I can feel them. They carry me through on the scary days.

I’m reminding myself that change is good! There are so many adventures ahead & I can’t wait to share my experiences with you from the city:)


Sister Denney


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