Week 32

Hey Fam!

Sorry this week will have to be quick but all is well in the land down under! My sweet new companion is Sister Cookson from Hamilton New Zealand. She is full of so much light & passion for the Lord’s work. It is quite amazing, really. I’ve never met someone who has such a strong desire to invite others to come unto Christ. I feel really blessed to have a companion that is so excited to work hard. We are so excited for the miracles that are awaiting us at UNSW!

The greatest miracle this week was on Saturday. We were street contacting and we felt prompted to go talk to a girl at the bus stop. We began talking and when she asked what we do we told her that we teach people where we were before this life and where we are going after. Her face completely lit up and she said she has been asking herself those exact questions recently. She wants to know more! Ah, the Lord is preparing His children. We are excited to meet up with her again at the Uni this week. Pray for Cici:) We also found a former investigator at the bus stop that invited us to come & meet with his family. Another miracle!

My favourite part of this area is getting to meet so many people from China who have never had any form of religion in their life. Most give you a confused look when you say the word “God.” The days can feel long when you are on one street for so many hours & not much success is evident but remembering that “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God,” takes away all of the discouragement. It is worth it:) I love sharing the gospel. I love being a missionary & I love my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Every day is filled with joy as I remember Him. I’m constantly being reminded that this is not my mission. It is His & I’m so thankful He is letting me be apart of it. As I was pleading for help from Heavenly Father in prayer I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to give Him this part of my life & I am determined to give more.

President Gordon B. Hinckley defined sacrifice so beautifully when he said: “Without sacrifice there is no true worship of God. … ‘The Father gave his Son, and the Son gave his life,’ and we do not worship unless we give—give of our substance, … our time, … strength, … talent, … faith, … [and] testimonies”

The incredible thing is, we never give more than what we get. President Hinckley continued…

“It is not a sacrifice to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is never a sacrifice when you get back more than you give. It is an investment, … a greater investment than any. … Its dividends are eternal and everlasting”

I stand all amazed that the Lord is always giving me back far more than I give. No matter how much I think I am sacrificing, in reality it is not a sacrifice at all. I love Him & I love His gospel. It is what allows me to return to Him with the ones I love most:)

Have a beautiful week, my family!


Sister Den:)


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