Week 33

Dearest Family,

Thank you so much for your emails! It is so good to hear from yous & i’m glad things are going well:) I cannot believe it is Monday again. This was the fastest week of my life! It was also one of the happiest. Sister Cookson & I saw so many miracles & I truly don’t feel like the same person I was 7 days ago. I love being a missionary. I love wearing my Saviour, Jesus Christ’s name every day & I love telling people about Him. He is real & I can never deny it.

I know He is real because He is performing miracles every day & it is a privilege to be apart of His mission. This week we worked, prayed, laughed & ran more than any other week of my mission. Literally we are always running to find the right bus & make it on time! The happiest feeling is coming home flat out because you know you gave everything to the Saviour. In return He blesses us far beyond what we deserve.

Sister Cookson and I set a goal that we wanted to see one person come to sacrament this week. We were so determined to see Heavenly Fathers hand in helping us accomplish this goal. After speaking to nearly 50 people on the street about church and sacrament we knew the Lord would provide a way for one of them to attend. We felt 1 was a very reasonable goal:)

On Thursday we had a great training from our zone leaders (shout out to Elder Litster!) about the Lord helping us accomplish our goals. It was so inspired because they said everything we needed to hear to be able to improve and become better missionaries. They committed us to looking at the goals we set every day & planning the night before exactly where we would be & what we would be doing every hour of the day. Usually we already know where we would be but this time we planned what side of the street we would be walking on. When we would turn left or what time we would cross the street and which cross walk we would use. It was the most exact planning I have ever done. The next day on Friday we kept to our plan and saw miracles. Every single hour we ended up walking next to a person we had taught briefly earlier in the week. Mariona, Emily, Honey, Christopher, & Ava were placed perfectly in our path at the perfect time. We see heaps of people every day & then you never see them again. Seeing one person we had spoken to before would have been a miracle, let alone 5. Our hearts were so full as we experienced the spirit guiding us to the places we were supposed to be. It also gave us the opportunity to follow up and remind them about church on Sunday.

Sunday comes along I wish I could tell you that all 5 of them came but not one person came to sacrament. We had been praying all week that the Lord would help us accomplish our goal and it was hard to not be a little discouraged. Nevertheless we knew that we had tried our best and that there will be another sacrament meeting next week. Thankfully the story doesn’t end there! After sacrament was over a member came up to us and told us there was someone she needed to introduce us to. Then we met Carly:) Our miracle. Our one person who attended sacrament meeting. Carly just arrived here from China a few weeks ago & is starting school at UNSW. After sacrament was over Sister Cookson & I taught her The Plan of Salvation and she loved it. Her face lit up when we told her about the Celestial Kingdom and living with Jesus Christ again. She committed to being baptised when she comes to know it is true. Tomorrow we are meeting with her on campus to teach her again & I can see how prepared she is.

Family, I hope you never forget that the Lord answers our prayers. It is not always in the way we hope for or expect, but not a prayer will ever go unanswered. After we have done all that we can do, He makes it possible for our goals to be reached. I know He loves His children and as I am serving them I come to love them more than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you for all that you do for me. I feel your prayers and I hope you can feel mine. Life is good Down Under:) I love you more than words can say!

All my love,
Sister Denney


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