Week 36

Hey Fam!

We had another great week & I hope yous did too! Thank you very much for the prayers & support. I promise they are felt here in Australia. I love you, I love you, I love you!

This past week was so exciting! We saw lots of miracles and of course had heaps of funny experiences to go along with it. On Tuesday we met up with a potential investigator, Bo. We had asked her about her week and the things she did over the weekend because we had invited her to church but never saw her. She mentioned she went to church & we asked her what the church was like that she went to. As she was describing the church service my companion and I were both thinking that it sounded like a different church service then we have ever heard of. After she finished explaining what went on at the church she looked at us all confused and said, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, you were there too.” We about died we felt so bad! She had come to fasting testimony meeting late and we never saw her sit in the back. (she even brought 3 friends!) It is very interesting to hear an investigators view point of testimony meeting. We couldn’t even put together that she was talking about our church! Thankfully Bo & her boyfriend came to church again yesterday and this time we sat next to them:)

Yesterday was a busy day because we also took our investigator, Borris, to the YSA ward at Hyde Park in the city. Let me tell you… Borris is amazing! We met him on Tuesday, taught him Wednesday, took him for a church tour on Friday & were sitting next to him in church on Sunday. He is preparing to be baptised on September 10! The most tender moment of my mission was experienced on Friday during our church tour with Borris. We had just finished teaching Restoration & as we were sitting in the chapel we asked him how he was feeling about what we shared with him. In his simple english he said words that pierced my heart,

“I feel like you opened the door to a new life.”

Hearing those words put everything in perspective. Why I am here and what I am doing. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers not only a new life but opens the door to eternal life. These moments make everything worth it:) I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel. I love offering someone the opportunity to find new life in Jesus Christ.

I love you all very much and I am so thankful for your examples. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your testimonies and examples. Have a beautiful week, family!

all my love,
sister denney 🙂


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